Last week I had the honor to take a portrait of Abba Mussie Zerai, Peace Nobel prize nominee and as per Times Magazine one of the 100 most influential people living. The shooting took place at the Basler Münster Church. The setup was pretty simple as I shot him for my "good people" series so no assistant was needed. Setting up the location took no longer than 20 minutes but I had to wait for 3 hours till I got him infront of my camera. Once he was ready for me the whole shooting took about 2-3 minutes which is already a lot. I am used to get much less time with high profile people.

Father Mussie Zerai was very kind and easy to deal with and I am really happy with the outcome. 

Portrait photographer basel switzerland editorial gabriel hill portraiture oliphant backdrop abba mussie zerai

Equipment used:

- Broncolor Siros L 800

- Broncolor Octabox 150

- Broncolor Master Lightstands (2x)

- Oliphant Backdrops custom hand painted backdrop

- Canon 5 DSR

- Canon 5D Mark II (BTS Video)


Gabriel hill photographer portrait portraiture fotograf basel broncolor abba mussie zerai