A few days ago I got the honor of having a portrait sitting with Dr. José Ramos-Horta, the former President of East Timor and a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

The portrait sitting took place at an event organised by the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organisation and it took my only two minutes to shoot two setups.

When ever I can I try to shoot at least two different setups in case something doesn't work out as expected. For this portrait sitting I have envisioned a very strong, powerful and timeless portrait of Dr. Ramos-Horta with very powerful eyes. I am absolutely happy with the outcome and I'd say it is one of my all time favorite portraits.


The second setup was a simple white background close up.


Equipment used:

- two Broncolor Move 1200L mobile generators with two MobiLed flash heads

- Broncolor P45 reflector with grid and a Broncolor 75 Octabox

- Broncolor 150 Octabox and a Broncolor 60x60cm Softbox with a grid